Tahina Has Night in Town

On Saturday morning, we took Tahina into the town Marina. We needed to give the boat a thorough washing, take on water, do some laundry, and do some other cleaning on the insides. We had plans to have a guest come see Tahina on Sunday, and the boat needed cleaning anyway.

We also figured we could go out to dinner in town – something we had not been doing because the dinghy dock is behind a locked gate after 6 PM. Fortunately, I found out the marina offers an access card to the dinghy dock for a reasonable fee per week. So, we can now park our dinghy in the evenings if we want.

Meanwhile, my eye has continued to make good progress. The first good news is that there is far less pain and less need for pain meds. I also have some improvement to the vision in the eye. I can actually see more than just fog around the outside edges of the eye. I was able to see my hand, and count fingers with the right lighting! I’m hoping this is just the first signs of improvement and that it will continue to get better. The other important improvement is that it is less light sensitive. I actually managed to help wash the boat during the late morning on Saturday – with bright sunlight. I did have to take a couple of breaks. But, I would not have been able to do that two days earlier.

After doing laundry, taking shore showers, and doing some cleaning inside the boat, we treated ourselves out to dinner in the evening. This was the most activity we have had since before my eye injury. It was a good day!

On Sunday morning, I cleaned the dinghy, worked on some stainless, finished filling the water tank, and cleaned some grass which has been growing along the water line. We later moved the boat back to the anchorage and finished tidying inside the boat.

Our new friend Erin is a young American who I met when I was staying at hotels in the area. She was the hotel manager. She and her boyfriend are hoping to buy a boat and go cruising in the coming months. He is off working on a fishing boat, and she just started a sailing course at the local yacht club. When I first met them, they invited me to dinner and I showed them lots of pictures of our trip and answered many questions about sailing. Erin really got enthusiastic about going sailing after that.

Erin just completed her first sailing class before coming out to Tahina. I picked her up in the dinghy and brought her to Tahina. She was really jazzed by her sailing class, and even more excited after seeing Tahina. We chatted a while on Tahina and had a few drinks, then we all went ashore to go to a restaurant for a nice dinner. It was a great reward for all the effort, plus we now have a clean boat!

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