Departure From Cairns Next Week

Late yesterday the doctor called me on my cell phone. He had consulted with the primary ophthalmologist at the hospital with the results from my last visit. He wanted to call me to let me know they confirmed his diagnosis that my eye would be ready for travel next week! He knew that we had to make arrangements with our boat and wanted to let me know before the weekend. He said I would need to continue with some of the medicines over the next few weeks, and that I would need to see a doctor in Singapore. We will go over the details at my appointment on Monday. This is great news! Finally the end of our “confinement” to Cairns is near and our journey can resume again.

Meanwhile, this week we went out one evening and did sundowners and had dinner with our German friends Bert and Ingi of s/v Boree. They had come back down from points north where they had spent a few months fishing and crabbing. We were so glad that we’ve had a chance to see them again as they have become good friends as we’ve grown to know them over the past couple of years. We plan to see them again over the next few days as we prepare for departure. They know the route we are going to Darwin quite well and have lots of tips for us.

We plan to take the boat into the Marina again for a night and do a big provisioning run to buy food not only for the trip to Darwin, but also supplies for while we are Indonesia. There are very few places where we can get “normal” foods we are used to up in Indonesia. We also will get fuel and water topped off.

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  1. nanag says:

    Yea! I am so happy that your eye is better. Hope you have a wonderful sail to Indonesia.

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