Lizard Island Clams Reefs and Fish

The other day I shared photos of scenes of Lizard Island while we were there. But, it’s not just the beaches, mountains, and beautiful sea we enjoyed. We also enjoyed under the water – especially because it was much warmer than when we were down in the Whitsundays. Those who visit Lizard Island first learn about the nice reef right in the anchorage that is home to a giant clam population. You just swim from your boat, or take your dinghy to one of the buoys close by, and you are soon treated to some very nice snorkeling with hundreds, even thousands, of clams and nice coral and fish too.

An even better place to go is the lagoon on the southwest of the island. Not only are the reefs there a marine protected area, but it is also home to a marine research facility that runs year-round with researchers visiting from around the world. Our Aussie boating friends took us down there and I had a really nice day of snorkeling there before I had to leave. In just two short dives I saw an abundance of fish including a sea turtle, a school of large wrasse, some big cod, a wide variety of reef fish, a couple of shark, blue staghorn coral, a variety of hard and soft coral, sweet lips, and more. We took a break between dives on a beautiful rock-lined beach with a view of the lagoon that was awesome. I wish I had taken a picture of that as well. Karen later visited the research facility and enjoyed learning about some of their research and bought some Lizard Island goodies to help support their work.

So, here are some photos to give you a taste of the underwater look at Lizard Island:

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