Lizard Island Photos

Up until my eye infection, we were really enjoying Lizard Island. It’s a beautiful island with lots to see and do, and I’m glad my last memories with both my eyes working right were at this place. I could have easily stayed much longer. There’s a nice nature trail, plenty of places to bushwack and see unusual sights, the lagoon on the southwest side of the island is beautiful with great snorkeling, and the mountains provide endless views of the surrounding beauty.

Trisha and I had a great hike up to Cook’s Lookout. The only problem was a big cloud that drifted and stuck on the top while we were there. I still took a 360 panorama (see here) and the results are interesting with the cloud cutting off the upper half of the 360. On the way back, Trisha about jumped out of her skin when a 1+ meter monitor lizard ran right in front of her on the trail! As we got half-way down, the clouds cleared off the top – of course. We got some pretty shots of the anchorage and lagoon.

I went on a hike bushwacking with Peter of s/v Juniper, and Mark of s/v Footprints. They wanted to go to a saddle ridge below Cook’s Lookout. I was glad there are no snakes on the island because it was some tricky brush we went through. But, the views were worth it and I took a 360 panorama from there as well (same link as above to see the 360).

Check out the photo album below for some sights starting with our trip up to Lizard, the hike to Cook’s Lookout, and the hike to the saddle. Great shots of the island from these locations as well. I’ll post some snorkeling photos soon as well.

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