Major Progress on Eye

My most recent eye clinic visit was much better than previous visits. They finally stopped saying “two or more weeks left”. This time the doctor said you have made “major progress!”. He said the defect is now over twice as small as last time, and is clearly on its way to final healing. He can now see the pupil through the now much thinner ulcer. Not only that, but he said he expect the ulcer will heal over by next week!

We talked briefly about next steps, and he surprised me by saying if the defect heals over by next Monday, we would be able to leave shortly after that. I will need to check in at major ports (like Singapore) with an eye doctor to make sure the eye stays stable. He even offered I could E-mail him if needed on the way. He also had indicated on a previous visit I will need to wait a couple of weeks or more before going swimming again. Since we’ll be going into the crocodile-infested waters of the northern territories, I won’t be too tempted anyway.

So, now we can start concentrating on getting the boat ready for passage-making, and start looking at weather windows. Exciting!

Meanwhile, we had our friend Erin over for dinner last night. We had already been planning to have her over, and now we had a reason to celebrate. We also found out our friends on s/v Boree arrived in Cairns. We’ll get to visit with them before we leave as well.

It seems like a huge weight (not knowing when we would ever leave) has been lifted off our shoulders! Although Cairns is a nice place to visit as a tourist, no place is nice when you are trapped by forces beyond your control. Especially when you are confined to “house arrest” by the health factors.

The doctor said there’s no guarantee it will heal by Monday, but we should be very close based on his prognosis. We can stand a few more days if we need to wait for the final healing.

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6 Responses to Major Progress on Eye

  1. Nathan says:

    Great news Frank, we’re all pulling for your eye to heal up good as new. You still should get that pirate eye patch, regardless!

  2. Jim Scotti says:

    That’s great news! And we’ll be able to sleep nights knowing you aren’t swimming with the Crocs!

  3. Kerry Mettert says:

    Glad to hear from you since it has been a week. I was getting Tahina withdrawal. Glad the healing is progressing so well. Wish you smooth sailing from here on out!

  4. llamajourney says:

    Can you see more?

  5. Beki says:

    Excellent news!

  6. Virginia Edwards says:

    That’s great news, Frank! So happy to hear it’s clearing up. Since you have to continue to see other Dr.s as you travel, you might request a copy of your medical records to have. Just a thought.
    Anyways, glad for your wonderful news. Gettin’ a little antsy, are ya? 🙂

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