Preparations for Sailing Again

We have been busy over the weekend with preparations for getting on the move again. We did two big provisioning runs to the local grocery stores. Two completely loaded grocery carts with lots of canned vegetables, juices, cheeses, and many other items which will be hard to find in Indonesia. We want to get our shopping done here in Cairns before we get to Darwin – where the prices are higher. Here’s a picture of one load in our cockpit (please excuse the camera strap in the photo).

We moved Tahina on Sunday morning to the marina so we could tank up with water and fuel, clean the boats, and make loading provisions easier. We also visited again with our friend on s/v Boree to get tips from them on the route to Darwin. And, we’ve found a butcher that we will be ordering meats from today. They will individually pack, vacuum seal and hard freeze dinner-sized portions before delivering them to us at the marina.

We have lots of other things to get done as well. We are currently looking to leave on Wednesday. Then we will finally leave this place and get on the move again. Hurray!

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  1. Behan says:

    So, so glad that there’s been so much improvement in Frank’s eye. I can only imagine how great it feels to get going again! Hope I can find a butcher like that in Bundaberg…it helps so much with provisioning…don’t think we’ll be buying much in PNG!

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