Six Weeks and Counting

I arrived in Cairns six weeks ago to go to the hospital to have a severe eye infection treated. For six weeks I have had to manage an intensive series of medications – mostly antibiotics, steroids, and pain relievers – to treat the eye to make the infection go away. This photo shows what I’ve pretty much looked like most of the time. The eye shield is a small plastic cover, with a gauze pad, to protect the eye from accidental rubbing and to protect from light. I have to take it off several times a day to put in eye drops. I’ve mostly been sitting in front of my computer on the Internet, playing games, reading, etc. I have to keep my mind occupied all the time since I can’t do anything physical.

We have been waiting for the corneal ulcer to shrink and go away so the eye can regrow the layer of skin that will protect the eye from further infection like normal. Because of the severity of the infection and defect in the eye, I will likely have very poor vision left when the healing completes. At some later date, months or years from now, I can have surgery to fix the vision. If I had not followed this treatment, we could have lost the eye and I would never have been able to see from it again. So, it was worth the effort.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been hoping we were near the end. The doctor has even ventured to say it would be another two weeks or so – for the last two weeks. Yesterday, my usual doctor wasn’t available for some reason. With another doctor I had measurements taken, and comments that this must have been a serious infection. But, she could not give me an estimate on when healing would be complete. I can see that the defect is thinner, if not much smaller. So, progress is being made still. In fact, I can even see a bit less opaqueness in the bad eye and can see a little bit more – like objects of dark and light around a lighted room. Will it be just another week? Two weeks? Even more? God only knows!

The problem is that we are so cooped up on the boat. We would like to at least go and do some sightseeing or something. The eye was too sensitive to light and too delicate to do any activity these past several weeks. But, during the last few days I can now actually get outside for several hours without painful repercussions. But, the doctor wasn’t available for me to ask if its ok for us to do some short, non-active, sightseeing trips. The next appointment isn’t until next week. And, we still don’t have a possible departure date. It’s soooo frustrating just sitting around waiting for this “day” when the eye will be healed and we can finally go.

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13 Responses to Six Weeks and Counting

  1. Nathan says:

    Where’s the proper pirate’s eye patch, Frank?!

    Get well soon…

  2. Crystal says:

    Hey Frank!
    I can swipe the pirate eye patch off of one of the flamingos at work if you want to take Nathan up on sporting the proper attire for the situation!

    (Yeah, our office is odd. They are plastic lawn, stuffed, and puppet flamingos.)

    Take care of your eye and hang in there.


  3. Frank Taylor says:

    Assuming the eye ends up with poor vision, I’ve already been planning to get appropriate eye patch colors and styles to match my favorite hats, and of course the obligatory pirate patch!

  4. Jim Scotti says:

    Don’t forget the parrot! And I hope you don’t loose an arm and have to wear a hook. Arrr! Cap’n Frank! Shiver me timbers. Know where there is some buried treasure? I don’t suppose your Nexus smartphone has a mApp for that? Nyuk, nyuk! Sure hope you get complete vision back once its healed.

  5. llamajourney says:

    So glad you were and are close to good medical care.

  6. Dana says:

    We sure are missing you in Indo. Hope you get better soon!

  7. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks for the words of support everyone!

    • Virginia Edwards says:

      I have been following your blog for quite a long time but just haven’t sent in any comments, but just wanted to send you greetings and that I hope for you, that your eye heals completely and soon! I am sure you are ready to get “out there” again and see some more beaitiful country and seas. I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE the photography you produce. Being a member of the Fort Worth Camera Club in Texas for years that is where my interests are, and in travel. I have been to New Zealand, Fiji, and the Caribbean so those photos have brought back some great memories. Looking forward to some more beautiful pictures when you are well. My best to you and Karen! Virginia

      • Frank Taylor says:

        Thanks for the get well wish, and I’m really glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the photos. I’ve put an enormous effort into the photography and the blog.

  8. Paul Gilster says:

    Thanks for the update, Frank. How frustrating for you! I’ve been hoping this would heal up soon but it seems to go on and on. All best wishes on good news next week. — Paul

  9. Kerry Mettert says:

    I am finally caught up with your blog posts. I started reading two or three months ago now. Wow, the eye incident! I pray that it does heal quickly so you can get on to more adventures. I have very much enjoyed the excellent pictures, videos, 360’s you have posted along the way of your travels. Hope you can start sailing to Indonesia soon!

    Kerry – Westfield, IN

  10. Kerry Mettert says:

    Frank and Karen,
    Are you going to be doing any land excursions to the interior of Australia when Frank’s eye gets better? Are going to see Uluru? One of my bucket list items is to vacation in Australia and dive the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Looking forward to more blogging about it and of course the pictures.

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