Yet Another Week in Cairns

The eye continues to progress, but so does the wait for a departure date. I’m taking far less pain meds now, and my eye is starting to look normal at the outside. I can even see a part of the pupil now. But, most of the pupil is still covered by what is left of the ulcer. The ulcer is much thinner though, so it is healing. The vision is still occluded by the ulcer and also because the layer which normally is there for the lens is blocked. It’s still undetermined whether I’ll have any vision from the eye when the healing of the ulcer is done.

I went for my Monday doctor visit and he confirmed all of this progress. The disappointing thing was when I once again asked for an estimate for when the eye is safe for travel, he AGAIN said it will probably be 2 weeks or more still (the same thing he said last week)! He says what we are waiting for is for the ulcer to go away, and the layer of skin to grown back over the cornea (this only takes 24 hours once the defect is gone). He said the progress is very good, the ulcer continues to get smaller and thinner.

My patience is really reaching its limits. After last week’s appointment, I started thinking we could leave a week or so from now. We’ve started doing some jobs on the boat in preparation. Last week I spent an afternoon doing engine maintenance on one of the engines including oil change, filter changes, belt tightening, etc. I have a boat part arriving this week to fix one of the electric winches. Karen has started work on a zipper for one of the spray dodgers. We have even started increasing our provision stores. We have been checking on the progress of our friends who left Darwin for Indonesia telling them we hope to catch up.

With every extra week we spend here, we are missing wonderful experiences in Indonesia. And, I’ve been cooped up inside for the most part since July 1. Fortunately, I can now go outside for a few hours without a lot of pain due to light sensitivity to the eye. This is good news for our eventual departure, but there really isn’t that much for us to do in Cairns right now. I want to leave!

Despite my frustration, I’m determined to stay until the doctor has cleared my eye for travel. There’s no sense in leaving prematurely after all this effort to make sure my eye is properly treated.

So, we may leave in another two weeks – again. Or, maybe even longer. Argh!

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2 Responses to Yet Another Week in Cairns

  1. Tony Christian says:

    Patience Frank! Your health comes first.

  2. Christine says:

    Be patient Frank – your eyesight is more important!!!! (although I’m sure it is very frustrating).

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