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Photos from Trip to Kupang

Finally have an Internet connection here in Indonesia. I’ve tried buying several different SIM cards for my phone with Internet, but they keep running out of Internet bandwidth in like an hour. Apparently I’m too heavy a user for the … Continue reading

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Made it to Komodo Dragons

We had to motor for the last 10-12 hours of our trip to the island of Rinca (or Ringa or Ringda – we’ve seen it spelled several ways). But, we managed to arrive about 30 minutes before sunset at the … Continue reading

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Enroute to Komodo Dragons

We left Kupang determined to sail as much as possible. We had a sea breeze again in the afternoon and it was directly coming from our route. So, we did some long tacks of about 12 miles and only made … Continue reading

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First Days in Kupang

Shortly after our arrival in Kupang, we had a visitor come to our boat. Before leaving Darwin, the Sail Indonesia Rally people told us to contact a man name Ayub who could help us with the customs procedures. Ayub showed … Continue reading

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Arrived in Indonesia

Three and a half days of motoring with a few hours here and there of putting up sails to pretend we were a sailing boat. That pretty much describes our passage from Darwin to Kupang, Indonesia. It will take a … Continue reading

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Motoring along

We had a very nice start with winds off the starboard beam for the first few hours from Darwin towards Indonesia. We were averaging 8+ knots through the water, but the tide was coming in so our over ground speed … Continue reading

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Tahina Departing Australia Today

Good news! We got our package in this morning. It had our new satellite phone and some parts Karen needs for our sun dodgers in the cockpit. I went to the bank to take care of some tasks and then … Continue reading

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Tahina Touches Ground and Departure Imminent

The tides in Darwin are quite a large spread. The high tide is 22 feet (7 m) above low tide right now. We have to be careful where we leave the dinghy according to the tides. Fortunately, they have carts … Continue reading

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Darwin Preparations Continue

We’ve been very busy here in Darwin preparing for our departure from Australia to Indonesia. The first day I went to the Indonesia consulate to apply for a visa. It’s a four day process so we needed to get that … Continue reading

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Photos from Passages from Cairns to Darwin

The album below includes photos from our two week, 1090 nautical mile, journey from Cairns to Darwin. Highlights include some beautiful sunsets, sights from our hike at Margaret Bay to Indian Bay along the trail of blue things, various sailing … Continue reading

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