Almost there

We are almost across the Gulf of Carpenteria after one of the most boring “sailing” passages we have had so far. We have motored almost the entire time since leaving Seisia. We have flown then spinnaker twice for about 1.5 hours each time, before the little wind we had then subsequently died off. Our average wind has been about 6-8 knots – mostly behind us. So, our apparent wind has been about nothing.

This has been perfect weather if you were a motor boat, but from a sailing perspective it is pretty rotten. We had one little rain squall – the wind only got up to 15 knots and I almost put up the sails just to have something to do.

We couldn’t afford to just wait around for the winds to appear though. So we have kept one engine going, and switched them off, across this gulf. This gulf can be a really nasty place with the weather, but I guess you can say we were lucky we didn’t have bad weather. We’ll have to refill our tanks after using 50 gallons of fuel so far, and probably another 5 or 6 gallons left – unless we are lucky with wind the final 30 miles we have left to Gove.

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