Darwin Preparations Continue

We’ve been very busy here in Darwin preparing for our departure from Australia to Indonesia. The first day I went to the Indonesia consulate to apply for a visa. It’s a four day process so we needed to get that in early. I also met up with the Sail Indonesia Rally official here in Darwin and he gave me our papers, our cruising permit for Indonesia, and a bunch of great advice on our travels in Indonesia.

Karen spent three days working on the mainsail. We had to hand sew the seam that came loose (about 3 meters worth). Yes, I had to go on one side and help with the sewing for the last section of it. We also put a patch on a section that rubbed against our shrouds. By the way, I had to undo parts of the batten car and remove the top half of the mainsail and re-install it to assist in this operation. Karen couldn’t help with this part because of her back.

Many other tasks have been worked on as well: we got duty free fuel, rinsed the boat, filled our other water tank (not the water maker one), hired a car, started getting provisions, organized scuba tank refills, worked on our package shipments, did some tax work for back home, cleaned the water line, cleaned the dinghy, and much more.

Here are a few photos mostly from when we took Tahina to fisherman’s wharf in Darwin.

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    Whew, I’m tired just reading about it!!!

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