Enroute to Komodo Dragons

We left Kupang determined to sail as much as possible. We had a sea breeze again in the afternoon and it was directly coming from our route. So, we did some long tacks of about 12 miles and only made 4 nautical miles in the direction we wanted to go in that time. Fortunately, as we got further from the land, the winds veered and it allowed us to go more in the correct direction. By around 8 or 9PM, we had the expected SE trade winds – although very light. We put up the spinnaker under a bright gibbous moon. We didn’t even need to turn on the deck lights it was so bright!

We have had to motor about 15% of the time – mostly at night – because of the lack of wind. We also have had a lot of favorable current along this route – up to 2.5 knots most of the time. That has helped us tolerate our low sailing speeds. We’ve seen a few boats this time, and we crossed a shipping channel that is apparently used by ships between China and Australia. Had a nice radio conversation with an Indian man navigating a large cargo vessel from China that was returning with a load from Australia. He kindly steered the 954 foot vessel around us as we sailed under spinnaker in the pre-dawn light yesterday morning.

There have even been some scattered clouds with precipitation showing up on our radar. But, we have only seen a few drops of rain and no wind boosts from them.

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