Made it Through Hole in the Wall

We made it through the Hole in the Wall! It was actually a pretty interesting experience. This narrow gorge has just enough room for boats to go through. But, you only want to do it near slack tide. Currents can exceed 10 knots between the tides here. And, if the current is opposite the wind it would be treacherous. But, we timed our arrival and only had 2 knots of current at the most, and the waters were flat. The photo here shows Tahina half-way through the hole looking aft. We have lots more photos which we’ll add to an album for this post later when we have a better Internet connection.

Follow this link to see a map of the route (the red one in the middle). The green icon in the middle is the location of Hole in the Wall which you can zoom in to see more detail.

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