Margaret Bay Anniversary Stop

After our last report, we arrived at Margaret Bay as planned a bit past noon. The only incident along the way was a report by radio, from the boat ahead of us, to watch out for a pole in the route between the isalnds around to the bay. It was right at water level they said. I surmised they had seen the post marking a reef near the resort. We didn’t see it, or so we thought. Then after getting past the resort and the other islands, and another rock that is below water level, we turned to drop the sails. After turning back, I saw a post not far from where we had turned! This was not near the supposed rock, so I don’t know what it was. Later, the other boat told us that wasn’t the post they saw.

We arrived at the nice anchorage of Margaret Bay and parked near s/v Calimero, and m/v Sea Change. Sea Change is the boat our friends on s/v Boree had suggested we travel with to Darwin. They are an older couple who have sold the boat and are delivering it to the new owners in Darwin. They have done this route many times both as cruisers, and as prawn fishers on a trawler. Lots of sage advice on what to do and not do in the area.

We ended up spending two full days in Margaret Bay. The first day we had planned because it was our wedding anniversary – 24 years! We had a nice day which included a great walk across a short part of the penninsula to the other side called Indian Bay. This place is famous for its beach combing opportunities. The trail there is market with blue objects found on the beach. Cool idea! All kinds of cool things like thongs (flip-flops), bottles, hard hats, barrels, rope, toys, etc. I took a bunch of pictures which I will post later, and provide more details about what we saw and found. We had dinner on board, and Karen got the necklace she wanted (she picked it out while we were in in Cairns).

We had planned to leave the next day, but Sea Change suggested we wait another day due to the winds. We spent the day doing chores on the boat, with a brief break for me when I went ashore to take pictures of the creek – looking for crocs (didn’t see any). We had the crew of Sea Change over for sundowners and discussed the passages ahead. We ended up leaving Margaret Bay just past 1 AM this morning to head first for the Albany Passage – which you want to do with the right tides (about 80 miles away). We then plan to cross Cape York (the northernmost point of the mainland of Australia) and then around to the town of Seisia (all total another 25 miles) where we will anchor and wait for weather before the next big part of our passage to Darwin.

We will be picking up Internet in a few hours and that’s when I’m putting up this post. It’s about 3 AM now and we’re motor sailing a couple of hours (to keep up our speed until we get the right wind angle to turn off the motor). We’ve got a gibbous moon and following wind and seas. So, it’s not too bad out here right now. Next report from Seisia.

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5 Responses to Margaret Bay Anniversary Stop

  1. George says:

    No coverage of Australian mobile operators in the region.
    How do you connect to the internet?
    Via satellite?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      There wasn’t any connection available at Margaret Bay. But, as I said in the post, there is coverage on the north end of the point from Eagle River around and down the west coast after Cape York. We hoist our 3G device up a rope on the mast to get coverage further off shore. It works remarkably well.

  2. nanag says:

    Happy anniversary to you both. Our love and prayers go up and out for both of you, everyday. How is your eye?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      I forgot to say something about the eye. It is holding up remarkably well with hardly any issues. I’m still taking medications for it. And have only had to take some ibuprofin a couple of times when it was just a little irritated. I won’t be able to go swimming for another couple of weeks – not that I would want to in these crocodile infested waters!

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