Motoring along

We had a very nice start with winds off the starboard beam for the first few hours from Darwin towards Indonesia. We were averaging 8+ knots through the water, but the tide was coming in so our over ground speed was about 6.8 knots. Before the sun set we ran out of the wind and had to drop our sails and begin motoring. Also as the sunset we had our last view of the Australia continent. It was with mixed emotions we left this country – having had both highs and lows in our experiences there. We do hope to return someday and visit some of the many amazing sights we didn’t get to see.

Yesterday morning the winds kicked up to 10 knots off the starboard beam again. We sailed for about 5 hours as the winds gradually dropped off to zero by early afternoon. It was a pleasant morning sail with ultra blue water, calm seas, and blue skies. I saw one dolphin early in the morning, and lots of flying fish. Saw some sea birds later in the day.

We haven’t seen more than 4 knots of true wind after another 12 hours. The waters were glassy smooth at sunset. Very eery. I’m on the early morning watch and thought we should try making a post. It’s dark out there except for the pretty stars and nebula.

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