Photos from Passages from Cairns to Darwin

The album below includes photos from our two week, 1090 nautical mile, journey from Cairns to Darwin. Highlights include some beautiful sunsets, sights from our hike at Margaret Bay to Indian Bay along the trail of blue things, various sailing conditions, photos of the two boats we traveled with (s/v Calimero, and m/v Sea Change), photos of Tahina from Calimero, pictures of fish we caught, pictures of Cape Wilbeforce and Hole in the Wall, dolphin, and more.

I plan to put some of the photos into earlier posts on those subjects for reference. I also found some stuff we want to share with interesting stories to go along with them. Hopefully, I’ll find time to do them before we leave Darwin.

So, please have a look at the photos…

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We have been very busy here in Darwin. The biggest project has been the mainsail. A post about that soon as well. While Karen has been doing most of the sewing, I have been organizing our departure from Darwin by going to the Indonesia Consulate for visas, going to Australia customs to file paperwork and set up our departure, getting an appointment for duty-free fuel, setting up to get our scuba tanks and LPG gas tanks filled, and getting started on the provisions. Lots more left on our list. We won’t be leaving before Wednesday next week because the visas won’t be ready. That probably means we won’t leave until Friday because we don’t want to arrive in Kupang in Indonesia on a weekend (they wouldn’t let us off the boat until we get clearance on Monday).

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5 Responses to Photos from Passages from Cairns to Darwin

  1. Behan says:

    I’m not superstitious, really- but I’m not sure I’d leave on a Friday! Hope all your preparations go smoothly. The blue trail is… funny! Hey, can’t believe I can show you something you haven’t done yet in GE, but have you seen these current charts that you can pull in? Check out:

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Hi Behan, thanks for reminding me not to go on Friday – it did occur to me to reconsider. I have to consider when Darwin will let me clear though, as well as packages we have on the way.

      I had not seen those particular weather overlays. However, I have seen many other weather overlays and written about them on my Google Earth Blog ( There’s a category on the blog devoted to weather.

  2. Jim Scotti says:

    Lots of great pictures! How’s your eye doing? Did you have to switch eyes with the camera? I can’t remember which eye you always used, being a lefty and all made me wonder. I always use my right eye through the viewfinder as a right hander, so that would take some getting used to. Of course, I’m assuming you’re using your DSLR…. Love the dolphin shots & the layering in the rocks at Hole in the Wall and some of the other similar layering is really neat.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Jim Scotti: I use my right eye for photography normally. It was awkward the first couple of times, but I find I’m getting use to it pretty quick. Although I’m a lefty at writing, I do many things with my right hand, and am largely ambidextrous.

  3. nanag says:

    Pictures are great, wish we were along for the ride!!! Glad to get to talk to you the other day. Give Karen our love and you too.

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