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We are currently in Seisia, Australia after making it around the northernmost point of the mainland of Australia – Cape York. This means we have now officially left the Pacific Ocean and are now in the Indian Ocean. Check the map link to the right of this blog post to see the track of our route over the last few days from Lizard Island to here.

The weather is good for the next few days to cross the Gulf of Carpenteria. This gulf can be very tricky to get across without a rough ride because if it gets too much wind, due to shallow waters, it can get very steep seas. But, light winds are forecasted, so we will leave after only a few hours here in Seisia at about 4:30 AM tomorrow. Gove, our next destination, is about 350 nautical miles away from here. We are heading out with m/v Sea Change, who knows these waters well. But, they will soon outpace us with the light winds out there since we’ll be trying to sail – and especially with our mainsail reduced to only a triple reef due to a hole in the middle that needs repair. If we are lucky, conditions should be right to fly our spinnaker. This will make the ride very nice and maximize our sailing speed.

We don’t have Internet out there. I can still send some E-mails out through our HF radio, but our satellite phone is currently inoperable until we pick up a new one being delivered in Darwin. Our current system was an Intelsat Fleet 250, and they have radically changed the pricing making it very unattractive for us to use.

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  1. Loreen says:

    Safe sailing! I’m enjoying following your adventures through your blog.

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