Tahina Departing Australia Today

Good news! We got our package in this morning. It had our new satellite phone and some parts Karen needs for our sun dodgers in the cockpit. I went to the bank to take care of some tasks and then returned the car hire (rental car). Took care of some phone calls and then waited at the boat until time for our customs clearance.

We’ve just completed our clearance. Probably one of the nicest customs clearances we’ve had in a long time. They met us at the Darwin Sailing Club, and we sat under some ceiling fans while they checked papers, filled out our clearance, and chatted. They told us there were some sightings of blue whales offshore. We’ll be keeping an eye out (at least I’ll keep one eye out) for that!

We’re taking care of some last Internet tasks while waiting for low tide to go pass and water to start rising again. For weather, we have sunny skies, and a sea breeze (mostly against us) at the start. After that, there’s not much wind in the forecast. If we’re lucky, we’ll find a few breezes to help give the engines a relief. Otherwise, I think we’re in for a long motor (460 nautical miles) to Kupang, Indonesia. We expect to arrive sometime Monday morning (since there’s no sense in rushing it and arriving Sunday when the customs officials are not on duty).

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  1. Jim Scotti says:

    Hope you get to see those Blue Whales! That would be really cool. Good luck with the winds. I don’t need to tell you to keep that camera ready to get shots of the whales if they are along your route!

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