Arrived in Bali Yesterday

We’ve been so busy, I haven’t been posting our progress. We last mentioned we were arriving at Medana Bay on Lombok. Lombok is the large island east of Bali – that is the new growing tourist destination. Some people say it is like Bali was 10-20 years ago. We decided to stop there and do a tour so we could see how it might differ from Bali.

We are really glad we stopped in Lombok. We hired a guide from the hotel at the marina and he gave us a really nice all-day tour. We ended up buying a number of souvenirs and had a great time. I will be blogging about our visit there and sharing lots of photos later.

The night after our tour we got up at 3AM and left with an ebb tide to sail to Bali. We first had to negotiate reefs, islands, and fisherman with no lights in the slightly moon-lit night. We had one fisherman sail (yes, they sail around on multi-hulls) fright behind us at one point (but, we actually saw him before he got there). We sailed all the way across the main channel dividing Lombok and Bali, but the wind suddenly disappeared with another 25 miles to go. Fortunately, we picked up 4+ knots of current after that and had a fast motor the rest of the way. We were actually fortunate the winds cut off, or there would have been ugly seas there.

We are now situated at the Bali Marina. We have hired someone who will do some boat cleaning for us (inexpensive boat services here). We have a number of projects to work on as well. We also have planned several nights at a hotel here somewhere and some sightseeing. Tonight we are having dinner with our friend Mark of s/v Northfork.

Last night, we decided we would not do one of the major tourist destinations here. Most of our friends have gone to the wild orangutans park at Kumai in Borneo. After looking at our schedule, we decided we could save several days by not going. Karen recently (in May) did a special veterinary tour with our daughter of a big zoo in the US. They actually watched a minor operation on a big orangutan there and were in the exhibit. Maybe not wild, but Karen already had an up-close experience this year.

Anyway, here is our current position:

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  1. Gordon and Sherry--S/V Serenity says:

    We were so glad to hear that you guys made it to Bali. We wanted to say hi and hope Karen had a good bday–and wish Frank a happy bday as well. We are in Port Dickson, Malaysia and hope to meet up with you some day–cheers GnS

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @G/S: Thanks for writing. We have been following your blog with great interest. We hope to find a way to meet up with you guys somewhere up there!

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