Bali Chores So Far

We have been in Bali since Tuesday, but have been concentrating on boat chores so far. We leave today to go to a nice hotel in the mountains and get some much needed rest and relaxation and sightseeing. The hotel is part of a present for her birthday which was a few days ago. Karen will get to enjoy some air conditioning, rest, and a Bali massage or two. The place is humid, and so, the hotel we stayed at was one of the very few ones in the area where they treated you with dehumidified air (processed through a dehumidifier from unclutterer).

At the marina we have accomplished a number of chores and tasks. The first big tasks were to repair our main sail cover and spray dodgers. The sun inevitably destroys the threads and the seams start coming out. The sail cover is a big job since we have to raise the mainsail, undo all the jacklines, remove the battens, remove the reefing lines, and then remove the cover. Then re-attach the jacklines so we can put the sail back down before the winds kick up. Karen then spent a good portion of a day re-sewing. The next day we reversed the process. She also re-sewed the spray dodgers for the same reasons. I am finishing up maintenance on the generator today, and have hired a boat boy to do some big cleaning tasks on Tahina. At $25/day, it’s hard to resist getting someone else to do the basic chores of shining the stainless and waxng the boat. We’re using someone highly recommended by other cruising friends of ours – by the name of Asis.

Meanwhile, we have done a host of other chores cleaning the insides of Tahina, doing our taxes, getting laundry done and provisioning. Yesterday we went to the Carrefour – a french super market. Actually, this one was the biggest we have ever seen! They had an entire mall of stores around it, and even an A&W fast food store. A Wendy’s will be opening soon. The super market was more like a super walmart with hardware, TV/electronics, garden supplies, etc. Better than even Australian super markets we went to. Amazing!

On the cruising front, our friends on s/v Restless are now in the marina. And, s/v Migration was anchored nearby and came over for an afternoon chat. We all spent a couple hours chatting cruising stuff in the marina restaurant. Very nice.

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