Enroute to Singapore

It is just before dawn in the Java Sea and nearly two days since we left Bali. We have another two days to go before we arrive at a stop on our 1000 nautical mile journey to Singapore.

This trip has required extra vigilance on the watches because not only are there many fisherman in every corner of this sea, but there are also fish traps made out of bamboo poles with only a small post sticking out of the water and maybe a little flag. No lights, nothing to reflect radar really. We have found if we crank the gain on our radar we can see some of these objects when we are a couple hundred meters away.

Yesterday, we did something we have only rarely ever had to do before. After lunch, we turned on the generator and cranked up both air conditioners on Tahina. It was 95+ degrees with an equivalent humidity. This is one of the first times we have felt we really needed to take this extra measure, and we are glad we had the ability. Especially after the problems earlier with the seacock for the generator’s coolant intake.

We are now crossing into yet another time zone – +7 UTC. Before we get to Singapore we will cross a big milestone – recrossing the equator and back into the northern hemisphere. We first crossed it in March of 2010. We will report on that before the end of the week hopefully.

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