Leaving Indonesia Tomorrow

We couldn’t get a slip in the marina we wanted in Singapore. Instead, we’re going right next door to Singapore to a marina in Malaysia called Puteri Harbor Marina. At this point, I’m actually glad we’re not taking the boat to Singapore. We’ll still get to go there in person. Our plan is to leave early tomorrow morning with the tides right so we have current in our favor.

There’s a complex process of clearing into Singapore that sounds like a bit of a hassle. You have to inform the port 12 hours before you leave, call them on the radio as you’re approaching, and go to a specific anchorage where a patrol boat picks up your passports and clears you as individuals. Then you can go to your marina, and the marina can either process the paperwork for your boat, or you can go into the city and do it. Then you have to reverse the entire process to leave.

To go to Malaysia, you just take your boat to the marina, and then take a bus to an office with your papers and passports. Done in five minutes according to reports from our friends on s/v Leu Cat. No fees either. We can then take a bus into Singapore, and use the subway there to get to places. It will take us longer to get to the main town, but not very hard to do. Leu Cat also told us the marina rate was the lowest we’ve seen anywhere, and yet it is a very nice, new, facility. That could be a real convenience if we end up staying in the area for a while.

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