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Tour of Lombok and the Flying Tops

We only had time for a 1-day tour while we were in Lombok. We had heard Lombok is less developed from a tourism perspective and more like what Bali was 20 years ago. Although this is true, you could definitely … Continue reading

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Bali Chores So Far

We have been in Bali since Tuesday, but have been concentrating on boat chores so far. We leave today to go to a nice hotel in the mountains and get some much needed rest and relaxation and sightseeing. The hotel … Continue reading

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Arrived in Bali Yesterday

We’ve been so busy, I haven’t been posting our progress. We last mentioned we were arriving at Medana Bay on Lombok. Lombok is the large island east of Bali – that is the new growing tourist destination. Some people say … Continue reading

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Gili Lawa Laut and Underwater Photos

As mentioned before, after leaving Labuan Bajo we went to the north side of Komodo Island to Gili Lawa Laut. This is a diving and snorkeling mecca. Although I spent most of my hours in the water cleaning Tahina’s hulls, … Continue reading

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Story of Dragons

The highlights of our passage from Kupang to Rinca Island were being able to sail for more than 50% of the way, and finding out we would have to stop using our starboard engine. We had light winds, but a … Continue reading

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Almost to Medana

We are just a few hours from arriving at Medana Bay off Lombok (the island just before Bali going west). We plan to check to see if there are any tours available, maybe stay a day or two, and then … Continue reading

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Sailing West Faster

After 3 days of cleaning Tahina’s two hull bottoms of the months of growth, we finally got back to our normal speeds again. Almost 1.5X faster than before the cleaning! We were so happy seeing 7.8 knots under one motor … Continue reading

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Three Days of Diving

We left Labuan Bajo on October 2nd. My apologies, but I didn’t get to process the photos for Rinca and the Komodo dragons before we left. Our next destination, where we are now, has no Internet. So, I’m uploading this … Continue reading

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