Sailing West Faster

After 3 days of cleaning Tahina’s two hull bottoms of the months of growth, we finally got back to our normal speeds again. Almost 1.5X faster than before the cleaning! We were so happy seeing 7.8 knots under one motor instead of 5 knots.

We finally left Komodo Island area this morning and are sailing west towards Lombok on an overnight run. We plan to stop there for some information, and possibly for a tour or two before going to Bali.

I have a weak Internet connection – so again the photos will have to wait until we get to Lombok or Bali. But, we have some great underwater photos to share in addition to the dragons. Yesterday I went on another dive that was the best dive I’ve every done. Fantastic fish, shark, coral, etc. Stupendous!

More to come…here’s a map of our current position:

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  1. Michael says:

    My wife and I are boat shopping and just we visited a St. Francis 50 at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. I was explaining the difference between “boat forums” and “boat blogs” and that I only read forums because most sailors blogs start on the East Coast die-out in the Caribbean. This morning I said, “If a boat makes it to Australia the blog will definitely end there”, as most do and here/there you are!
    I’m both impressed and intrigued by your work and accomplishments. Job well done.
    Cheers from windy Alexandria, VA, USA (69 degrees, 25mph NW)

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