Seacock Opened

Just a quick update that we did manage to get the seacock open. So, we can run our generator if needed. It’s not a permanent solution, but it will work for now. This solution didn’t work until we suddenly realized we had scheduled to leave the marina tomorrow – Friday here! That was not smart – sailors do not leave on multi-passages on a Friday. No wonder my handle broke! Right after I told the marina we were staying until Saturday, our problem got fixed.

Our friend Mark from s/v Restless came over and used a better saw to make an improved slot for a screwdriver and managed to turn the valve open. We had a marina dive guy come and jump in and clear the other piece of trash that was trapped in our intake. We then primed the system manually (he put his hand over the intake while I filled it with water) and then we ran a quick test and it all works now.

Meanwhile, I did a rigging inspection up the mast and found we have a repair we will need to do the jib, We will have a closer look at that in the evening when the winds die off and we can open the sail.

Then we had a fuel barge come in and we filled our tanks up. Boats ahead of us said they had to motor a lot during the 1000 miles to Singapore. Given the distance, we are probably not going to arrive at Singapore for another week after Saturday. The Malaysia Rally starts on the first of November. We may end up missing that start as well because I have to get a doctor appointment in Singapore to have my eye checked out.

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