Another Update on Singapore and Malaysia

We spent the past few days in Singapore and had a great time. We stayed in a nice hotel for 3 nights and used it as a base for our sightseeing. Our first day in Singapore taught us a lot about how to use the very nice transportation system, so when we came the next day we were like pros. One nice thing was that we found a Wendy’s in the first train station! We enjoyed some familiar food and chocolate frosties! Yum!

We did a bunch of sightseeing and visited the famous shopping centers during our weekend visit. But, I’ll tell more about that, and the entire visit in a later post after we’ve had time to process photos.

We also sampled some great food, and met up with some of our cruising friends for dinner and drinks one night. My favorite eatery was a small restaurant specializing in Chinese Dim Sum hidden in the lower floor of one of the malls. Great food, and a really nice Singapore lady who chatted with us and helped us pick foods. Awesome!

Yesterday, we came back to Malaysia after checking out of the hotel in Singapore. It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to make the trip to Puteri Harbour. But, at the bus station in Galang Patan we walked to some phone stores to find SIM cards for our phones and buy some 3G data. That went well, and we also got lunch before taking a taxi back to Puteri Harbour Marina. The marina had a bunch more cruising boats. The reason is that the Malaysia Rally is gathering at Danga Bay just north of here, and that marina was full. So, overflow was in Puteri. Several boats we met before were here including our friends on s/v Kilkea.

We found out the Malaysia Rally dinner kickoff was happening in the evening. Since our friends on s/v Sea Mist weren’t able to attend, because John is recovering from a successful operation, we were told we could take their spots. So, we joined the trip, with about 7 other boat crews, in a fast boat ride from Puteri to Danga Bay. The rally organizers had rented a big conference site for the dinner and they had dancers from the Malaysian Cultural Center, and a 10 course meal was served one dish at a time. Very unusual presentation of the food. The big drawback though was that there was no alcohol (Malaysia being primarily muslim). Another drawback was the sound system was cranked way too loud for this mostly aging audience. But, it was good to run into a few more cruisers we know. Especially our friends on s/v Imagine who are also from North Carolina.

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