Three Years of Wonder

Less than two weeks ago, we reached a major milestone on our trip. Three years ago, in November 2009, we departed the US on Tahina to begin our circumnavigation. We left from Carolina Beach, North Carolina on November 14 of that year. It is interesting to look back at the blog posts if that time, which only barely scratch the surface of describing the difficulty of our preparations to depart: selling our house, cars, and much of our personal belongings and leaving our daughters to live on their own.

When we tell people where we have sailed to, the next question is almost always “How long did it take?“. People are amazed when we tell them we left three years ago. They don’t understand that we didn’t just sail directly from America to their country. We aren’t out there just to sail from point to point, our goal is to really learn about the places we visit. We want to stay and live in these places a while. Tahina is more than just a vehicle of transportation, it is our home and gives us the freedom to pull into a port and stay a while.

It is amazing to look back at the incredible experiences we have had and reflect on what we have learned about the lands, seas, and cultures. We have a whole new perspective about the size and beauty of our planet and the people and other life that live on it.

We passed the half-way point of our journey last year when we reached Sydney, Australia. 20,000 miles in just over two years. Now the boat is near Singapore in Malaysia – close to 4000 miles further along. Almost 3000 miles of that was completed between September and October of this year. A much different travel itinerary than in our previous years.

Our plan is to complete the circumnavigation, and return to the USA, in about two years. We have no set date for our arrival. It may be a bit beyond the two year mark (given hurricane seasons in the Carribean which we will want to avoid). We still have to cross the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans before we get back to the Americas. Then we plan to spend half a year or more exploring South America before we re-visit the Caribbean and complete the circle of the globe. When we are done visiting the warm Caribbean waters, we’ll finally sail our way back to the east coast and most likely return to North Carolina for our grand reunion with the US and our friends and family.

We have not made any decisions about what will happen after we return. We may continue sailing. We may not. There are still many places we want to travel which we will miss on this circumnavigation. We will be thinking about those plans as we make our ways across the final two oceans. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy following along on the continuing adventures of Tahina!

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7 Responses to Three Years of Wonder

  1. Don Johanson says:

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving back at home with family and friends. Can’t believe its three years since you departed. I’ve been following your journey, reading all your posts, since about six months before you started. Your photos and narrative has allowed us travel vicariously around the world. My wife and I were in Australia just before you arrived; we left Sidney the day before your first port call. I look forward to the next two years plus of your travels.

    Fair winds and following seas.


    P.S. I hope you eye has continued to improve.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Don: Yes, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. Glad you have been enjoying the blog. Sorry we missed you in Australia. The eye is stabilizing, but will need surgery to be repaired.

  2. George Kemkas says:

    You will travel to Europe and the Mediterranean countries?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @George: We will not be going to Europe and the Mediterranean during this trip. But, we will definitely go there in the future. The pirate situation in the Red Sea forced us to change our original plans.

  3. Jan Warm says:

    You are two of the most amazing people that I have ever had the honor of crossing paths with and being friends. What a fabulous bucket list – who could ask for more!! I love all the posts and have followed your adventures with excitement and anticipation! Can’t wait to hear about your next “landing”!!!

  4. Phil Thorne says:

    I just want to thank you for taking me along on your journey. I was fortunate enough to stumble across your blog a couple years back and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip so far and am looking forward to the continuation after your holiday break. Keep up the good work.

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