Trip Home Coming

For those of you wondering how we manage staying connected with friends and family while gone on a five year sailing circumnavigation, it’s actually not as difficult as you might imagine.

First, thanks to the Internet we can keep connected through telling them about our travels on the blog, through E-mail, and via Skype – which allows us to talk and even video chat as we go from country to country. The same technologies also allow us to conduct business such as financial matters, receiving digital scans of our mail, and sending and receiving legal and tax documents.

But, the most important way of remaining in contact is using modern air travel to go home and visit our friends and family in person. This year we went home to attend the graduations of our two daughters from undergraduate university studies. We got to have a month then to see friends and family. And, we have planned to go home this year for the Christmas/New Year’s Day holidays. Last year our daughters came to visit us for the Christmas holidays in Sydney. We also use these trips to buy things we need on the boat so we can bring them back in our luggage.

After our 3000 miles of faster than normal sailing/motoring from Cairns, Australia to Singapore we started thinking about our trip home. We found a great marina in Malaysia with very reasonable prices. This past weekend we decided we would just leave our boat here rather than moving it to the crowded marinas in Langkawi where most of the other cruisers are headed. This enabled us to purchase plane tickets this week to go home a couple weeks sooner so we can actually be home for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a particularly popular holiday in my largish family – we typically have about 30-40 spend an entire day together and its always a pleasant time. We haven’t been home for that holiday since 2008. We are really looking forward to it!

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