First Few Days Back

As you might expect, our first few days back at the boat have involved cleaning, re-provisioning, and starting the process of installing new parts we bought in the US. The green algae we saw all over the back of the boat was just the start. We had the start of more of that and a lot of black soot all over the boat. Close to the marina they are doing construction on a new hotel. I think some of the black soot is coming from there. Our new US flag (which was installed before we left), looks gray already. It took a full two days to wash and scrub, and scrub, the decks and top sides. It appears I’ll need to get the dinghy down and get under and do the sides as well to complete the work. But, already Tahina looks bright white and clean.

Meanwhile, yesterday we made a run to get provisions. We had to make a side trip to Johor Bahru to get some medicine Karen had finished off. But, that was quickly accomplsihed with the help of a taxi. Thankfully, the exchange rate being $3 ringits to $1 US, usually makes the prices very reasonable. We managed to get a week of new provisions and replaced some of the condiments and cheeses that got tossed out when our power went out. I was also pleasantly surprised that even our fridge restarted after being shut-off for a month. The last time we shut it off it leaked and had to be recharged. I guess the repairman really did fix the leak this time. Karen did a great job as usual getting provisions, storing them in the fridge and freezer, and cooking up a nice dinner last night.

Today I installed a new exhaust manifold elbow for one of our two diesel engines. These parts are known to corrode (due to lots of hot salt water going through them). Ours definitely had sprung a tiny leak. Thankfully the installation went smoothly with only a few curses trying to get the old part out of the exhaust hose. I learned a trick that will help me on the next one (keep the manifold bolted on and use the leverage to work the hose loose after heating it up with a heating gun).

Got an appointment to see the top eye surgeon in Singaore for the 5th of February. I had to request after the end of the month due to some medicines I was given in December which have to wear off before I see the doctor. Once I see the surgeon, I will find out how soon he thinks the surgery can take place. If we can get it done soon enough, we’ll stay here until its done. Otherwise, we’ll go ahead and move the boat up to Thailand and get the boatyard work commenced while waiting for the surgery date.

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