Preparing to Return to Malaysia

We are in the final week of our holidays stay in the US. It’s been a great time visiting friends and family and has been especially cherished because last year we didn’t come home during the winter holidays, and this year we even came for Thanksgiving (which we had missed the previous 3 years). Big thanks to my long-time friend Andy and his wife Aliza for hosting us for nearly two months (off and on) at their house. We were able to house sit for them while they were out of the country for part of the time. They also generously allowed us to use their cars during part of this time.

We have been spending time buying boat parts and US products that are hard to find abroad. But, we have to be careful because of baggage weight and size limitations. Our bags will definitely be heavier going back to Malaysia. We will be flying back to Kuala Lumpur, spending a couple of days shopping, and then returning to the boat.

Lots to do when we get back to the boat. We have several repairs to make with the boat parts we bought. And there is concern about the electrical outage we experienced and whether other electrical systems (like our radios) might have been damaged in a surge (possible lightning strike) at the dock.

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