Short Singapore Visit and More Chores

Malaysia street marketThe rest of this week we continued some chores and finally got Karen to the doctor. On Tuesday night we went to the “night market”. The locals have this weekly market at an old shopping center parking lot with traditional shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to see a wide variety of locals in all kinds of clothing, get some inexpensive quality produce, and sample a wide variety of street foods. It’s also a bit of a flea market, but the focus is on the produce and foods. See the photos below for more.

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We also went to Singapore yesterday to take Karen to see a doctor about a few issues she’s been having. They ran some tests and x-rays and we will need to go back next week for follow-up. I spent part of the time getting new SIM cards for our phones in Singapore. We shared a taxi over with our friends from s/v Callisto who are going for the weekend to sightsee. But, we came back the same day via train and bus without any issues. It helps we’ve already been to Singapore a few times now. We may have to get a long-term pass to go between Malaysia-Singapore. Otherwise our passports will fill with stamps quickly.

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