Watermaker Fix

A few days ago I began the process of replacing a critical part to our watermaker. We have a Spectra watermaker on Tahina. The watermaker converts salt water into fresh water so we have all the water we need for: drinking, dish washing, showers, and more. We even use water to rinse our anchor and rode, and the windlass to reduce rusting. This is a critical part of the boat, so keeping it running is important.

Watermaker repairMany months ago we had a leak start to develop. It was very slow developing, but I kept an eye on it. The leak occurred near a fitting for the high-pressure water into a junction box where all the feeds in and out of the system were located. This box also is where measurements for water pressure, temperature, salinity levels, and water purity are located. I tried changing the fitting, but had no luck fixing the leak. I ordered new fittings later and again no luck. Finally, while we were home, I ordered a whole new manifold where all the fittings attach to.

Crack visibleThe photo to the right in the paragraph above shows the junction box after I began detaching some of the hoses. There were about 12 hook-ups on five different sides of the six-sided junction box. It took quite a while to get all the fittings off and work the part out of the control box. Then I finally could see that there was indeed a crack that was now quite noticeable without the fittings blocking the view, as you can see in the photo to the left.

Then I spent a couple of hours re-taping the new fittings, and cleaning and taping the ones I didn’t have replacements for, before I could re-assemble the unit. Mind you, this was all done in a compartment at the very aft of the boat with low headroom. And it was pretty hot outside. Naturally, when I first connected everything, I had a couple of leaks. But, after realizing I had improperly set one of the fittings, and tightening the hose clamp properly on another, the system ran without a drop! Yay!

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