Work Fun and Rain

We have continued to work on getting the boat re-provisioned and on various boat projects. On Thursday we went to the supermarket at the big mall again and got some more foods. On the way, we met the owners of a large ketch (73 feet in length) called s/v Slow Dance. They are Ron and Victoria (see her blog) and are from Annaheim, California. They invited us, and the crew of s/v Elysion behind us, over for drinks that evening. Ron is a serial entrepreneur going back to the 60s and I suspect still has his hands in a few ventures. Slow Dance is a lovely boat that he’s owned for 18 years.

Saturday we had rain pretty much from 2 AM through the end of the day. I got up at 4AM and attempted to set up a system for catching rain. We have a working watermaker, but the trip out to get to clear water is not practical (as we found out last week). We can’t run the watermaker in the river water here (or it would clog up the pre-filters very quick). If I got some more filters for our dock hose we could take on the marina water, but with all the rain here we figured catching it would be better. It took me a few tweaks over several hours, but I finally got it so the rain would flow straight into the tank. By that time, the rain had lightened though. More rain in the forecast.

I do need to do some maintenance on the water maker though. There’s been a persistent leak that I couldn’t fix over the past several months and finally, after consulting Spectra Watermakers, I purchased a new set of parts that will replace the source of the leaks completely. Also, our system seems to be getting a bit clogged up – the throughput is not as high as it should be – so I need to run some cleansing maintenance on the system (which takes several hours).

Karen spent a few hours going through our food stores and tossing out expired foods. Turned out we had quite a bit going back as far as New Zealand. That’s temporarily lightened our load by 50 lbs or so, and given us some empty room in our food cabinets. We need to get Karen to a doctor soon as she’s having more pain than normal from her osteoarthritis issues. She’s planning to call one in Singapore tomorrow.

I also have tweaked the wireless network on the boat a bit so we can more easily connect all our gadgets to the Internet when we have a good WIFI signal from on shore. The marina WIFI has a decent signal, but the connectivity has been sporadic and for some reason their authentication keeps getting messed up. A while back I bought a new Bullet WIFI device, and with my old big WIFI (1000 mw) antenna and we can pick up WIFI from several km away with it up the mast.

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