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Petronas Towers in KLI’ve finally processed photos from our two visits to Kuala Lumpur (or KL is how most people refer to it). Since I injured my eye, my allure to photography has been reduced and my picture taking frequency has dropped. But, there were some amazing sights from KL Tower (a big communication tower in central KL) and the iconic twin buildings of Petronas Towers. Between the Petronas Towers is a Skybridge that you can walk across at the 41st floor. We then got to go up to the 86th floor of one of the two towers to view the city from the highest point. Petronas Towers were once briefly the tallest buildings in the world, and are still the tallest twin buildings in the world. Read more about our first visit there.

In the slideshow below, you will see some pictures of the area near our hotel in the India section of town near Masjid Jamek train station. Very convenient place to get to other parts of town. It’s also close to Merdeka Square. Then you’ll see photos from the visits to the tall buildings and other miscellaneous parts of the city. KL is a very dynamic town with people from all parts of the world in a thriving metropolis. The shopping centers at Petronas and other parts of town are amazing. You can buy pretty much anything there and even find common US restaurants like Wendy’s, Papa John’s, Chilli’s, and even a Krispy Kreme Donuts! We really enjoyed both our visits to KL.

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