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Bugis Street ShoppingLast week we ended up staying several days in Singapore to wait for a doctor appointment for Karen on Friday. This was just before the Chinese New Year which is the biggest shopping week of the year in Singapore. We couldn’t help walking through Bugis Street shopping mall which was the shortest way to the Bugis Street train station. It is normally filled with people, but was particularly crowded this week.

One day we took a walking tour from the City Hall train station towards the Central Business District (CBD). Along the way, we saw WWII war memorials, fountains, parks, the Raffles Hotel, and many views of the hotels and sky scrapers of Singapore. Karen wanted to see the famous historic Raffles Hotel – which she found cost S$580 for their least expensive room. While Karen enjoyed seeing and taking pictures of the sights along this walk, I played a GPS-based game I’ve been playing called Ingress. I had already been to the same park two or three times, so I knew where the sights were that Karen would enjoy seeing.

Singapore MerlionOur main objective after the hotel was to see the famous Merlion fountain in the CBD. This landmark statue of a fish/lion is an iconic symbol of Singapore and has an expansive view on the waterfront of the Marina Sands Floating stadium (built for the Grand Prix race held here a few years ago), and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Check out all the photos of these sights and more in the album below:

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6 Responses to Singapore Photos

  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    Very nice pictures of the sites. Singapore looks like a very clean modern city. Is your impression the same? From your pictures I would like to vist there sometime. Thanks for sharing.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Yes, Singapore is a modern city, with good transportation, shopping, medical care, and all the other facilities you would expect. They have long had a reputation for being very clean. I’d say it is far cleaner than cities in most countries, and at least on a par with the cleanest cities in the US. But, there is litter and trash in some places. They just do a better job of keeping the popular places very clean, and they have very strict laws about litter and things like spitting (yes, that one is true). People are more courteous than in the average city as well (people do get up and let older people sit on the train for example).

  2. Andrew VF says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. My wife and I one day hope to do a circumnavigation; we’d be 20+ years away (we have little kids) so plenty of time to get ready.

    But it’s very exciting to read about the fun experiences and really neat places you get to go (plus the pictures are a great selling point to my wife). Also, I really appreciate the detail you go into regarding things like keeping the Tahina in working order and the different things that come into play while you are actually sailing.

    Thank you for writing your blog.

    Andrew VF–Los Angeles, CA

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Andrew, thanks for the feedback! You should consider taking your kids on a shorter trip while they are young. We did this for a year about 10 years ago in the Caribbean. Read about it at We met up with several boats who crossed the Pacific with their kids.

  3. Kerry Mettert says:

    I just read the adventures of Paticat. You had a very nice tour through the Caribbean. I love those Islands. I have only been able to visit by cruiseship. You really miss out on a lot by not being able to sail on your own. St Maarten and St. John/St. Thomas are a few of my favorite islands. I want to see Saba. How are your daughters these days? Are they in or out of college by now? Continue to enjoy your current voyage. God bless.

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