Staying Near Singapore a While

Had a good appointment with the eye doctor who was recommended to me for the eye surgery I need to fix my damaged eye. I now have the surgery scheduled for early March. This is good because that gives me a chance to heal in time for us to leave late this year to cross the Indian Ocean. The recovery for the surgery is a bit involved because eyes are very slow to heal from trauma (as I already knew from my original injury). It will take about 6 months for most of the recuperation to occur, and eye drops and more healing will occur for months afterwards. We will need to keep the boat in Singapore for the month or so after the surgery, so we have an inexpensive place to live while I visit the doctor for checkups following the surgery.

We elected to stay an additional few days in Singapore because Karen needs to see an ear-nose-throat doctor for some issues she’s been having. We are learning more about this bustling country and doing a little sightseeing.

It’s too bad we aren’t shopping maniacs because the city here has the most shopping I’ve ever seen. I went to Bugis Street to look for an inexpensive shoe store, and could not believe how many little tiny closet-sized stores they had in a maze of corridors in this three story series of buildings. There were thousands, no I really mean THOUSANDS, of mostly young Asian kids shopping in every corner of this maze of stores. The Chinese New Year starts this weekend, so I heard on the news shopping is at a peak, but this was crazy! I just needed some better walking shoes because the boat shoes I brought have hard leather soles. I finally found a shop on the way back to the hotel with a $20 pair of sandals with soft rubber soles that suited my needs. After the $230 pair of similar shoes I found at a department store, I was pretty pleased with my better price!

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2 Responses to Staying Near Singapore a While

  1. Steve says:

    All the best to both of you. Hope the various medical challenges work out.

  2. Kerry Mettert says:

    Glad to hear that your surgery is scheduled and that you will have the eye repaired soon. Happy Chinese New Year !

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