Triton Attacks Crown of Thorns

triton360There have been way too few posts here lately. We are currently holed up on the boat in Malaysia at a marina while we wait for my eye surgery next month. We’ll be moving the boat to Singapore during and after the operation for a few weeks. There’s not a lot to do near our marina here in Malaysia, but its very inexpensive, secure and clean. There is shopping a short ride away, and a movie theater. But, just not a lot to write about.

Thankfully, I went to check up on my friend Richard Chesher in New Caledonia. Richard, and his wife Freddy, have lived for many years on their boat s/v Moira. He wrote the best cruising guide for New Caledonia, and he’s an amazing photographer who does underwater and kite aerial photography. Only, he’s even better at it than me! In fact, he was my inspiration for 360 panoramas when we planned our trip. We met up with them in 2011 when we visited New Caledonia, and spent many days getting a special tour of the area with them.

Anyway, he has recently published a new underwater 360 panorama that’s really something to see. He got a picture of a Triton shellfish attacking a Crown of Thorns starfish. For those who don’t know, Crown of Thorns starfish are notorious for decimating coral reefs. They breed like crazy and very quickly eat and destroy reefs that take hundreds of years to grow. They have few natural predators. So, having a shot of a Triton eating one is special. However, Richard did go to a bit of trouble to set up this photo. After you click the “Play” button, you can use the mouse or cursor keys to move around. Click on “FULLSCREEN” to see the photo in all it’s glory – and click “Open Map” on the side for a real treat on its location. You can read Richard’s very entertaining story about how this was taken below the panorama, if you follow this link and scroll down the page. I’m particularly fascinated that he used a new GoPro Hero 3 to do this underwater panorama. I think I may have to get one!

Unfortunately, I can’t embed Richard’s 360 photos here (due to photography rights restrictions), but click here to view his amazing photo.

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2 Responses to Triton Attacks Crown of Thorns

  1. Alex says:

    Amazing 3D-panorama!!

  2. Kerry Mettert says:

    Now that was a cool 360! Never seen a 360 photo in the ocean like that. I just purchased a Sony HDR-AS15 Action camcorder that I plan to take on a 11 Night Ultimate Caribbean Cruise Onboard Celebrity Equinox. Looking forward to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for some great snorkeling and taking some underwater video. I have a dive certification but haven’t been on a dive for more than two years and couldn’t talk my wife Carol to get certified so we will just snorkel. I really got to find a way to get on a catamaran some day and really experience the Caribbean. Frank do you have the equipment to do a 360 underwater? Looking forward to some more video from your remote video apparatus when you find a suitable location. Hope that your eye surgery goes very well. God bless.

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