Triton Attacks Crown of Thorns


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  1. Hugh Moore says:

    Hey Frank, WOW… Those pictures are amazing…especially on the iPad with the gyro. Really amazing stuff. The sea photography is great, but I also thought, wouldn’t it be great to have those 360 hotel rooms available before you book a room. It would be harder to glamourize the rooms which is what often happens on TripAdvisor etc. I just bought the 360cities App and can’t wait to try it somewhere, but I’m sure they won’t look anything like his. I have a GoPro Hero, but I’m not getting anything stunning yet, but it is pretty cool to be so small and do so much. I don’t even know it did 360’s, so I need to spend some time reading the owners manual.

    All the best to the Tahina Expedition and I hope your eye surgery goes well! Hugh

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Hugh: Glad you liked the 360 panorama. I’ve done quite a few of them myself. You can view the tag 360 on the blog here to see the posts of the ones I’ve published. You can also view all my panoramas at 360Cities which is a cool way to choose which ones to see. I’ve definitely decided to get the new GoPro 3 Black Edition so I can do underwater 360s too. It’s a bit more involved in the processing, but there’s some software Richard uses to simplify the work.

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