Change of Pace

For the past couple of weeks, things have been in flux on what our plans would be for the coming weeks/months. The initial recovery period from the eye surgery required me to take it pretty easy. So we assumed I would be pretty inactive for up to several weeks or months. But, the procedure I was able to have done actually has enabled me to be able to do more than expected. And the prognosis is good for a faster recovery. I can’t do physically arduous things. Mostly because I can’t take the risk of hurting the eye. And swimming is not allowed. However, I can wear eye protection for many situations. Getting back to sightseeing and most boat work are definitely getting to be possible.

Meanwhile, Karen saw a specialist about her neck and back issues. They did not advise surgery, and instead have had her doing physical therapy. After two weeks of this, she is already showing signs of improvement to her mobility and a reduction in pain. She has another two weeks before she follows up with the doctor, but the results so far are promising. So, Karen may soon have more energy to do activities as well. She needs to do exercise and start getting her body used to the idea of doing work again.

We now need to start planning to get our lives in motion again. Our marina here in Singapore cut short our ability to stay beyond the 10th of April. They have a boat show a week later and half the marina will be moved around or out. Since we are transients we can’t stay. So, we will be moving Tahina – most likely back to Malaysia where the price is more reasonable. We also need to find somewhere to have Tahina hauled out for some much needed basic maintenance (like having the hull bottoms repainted, props cleaned, engine maintenance, etc.). So, we need to find a boatyard that can accommodate a boat our size, and that does good work. If anyone has any recommendations for this area it would be appreciated.

There are several projects besides hull bottoms that will be done. We plan to get new sails (more on this in a later post). There is a long list of minor maintenance tasks and repairs. We also have a problem with our water heater which will result in its being replaced (more on this one later as well). So, this is going to be quite a list of projects that has to be managed with orders for parts and shipments that have to be coordinated. Steps on some of this has already begun because it will take weeks and months to pull together.

The other thing we need to do is begin planning our sightseeing activity for this part of Asia. We have tried not to think too hard about it because we were unsure what our options would be because of the medical situations. But, now we need to plan some of the more important trips. At a minimum we want to see some places in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This is not going to be easy as we change pace from real and planned non-activity to a more frenetic level. It’s probably going to be an odd transition as we coerce our minds and bodies to get back to the more normal work of managing and experiencing our expeditions. This is a lot more work than most of you realize. It takes an enormous effort to get ourselves to a point to have a sightseeing expedition. This usually means lots of work on the boat, provisioning supplies, organizing our lives, moving to the destinations, analyzing weather and navigation, finding safe harbors, taking care of financial matters, organizing the sightseeing, and much more. Throwing in a boat haul out is a big one as well involving at least a month of intense effort.

Taking a big breath…

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