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[NOTE: This post from March 31st got lost in my archives during our server change. I’m reposting it to get it back in the archives.]

My plan to change out the water heater got delayed. A guy at the marina chandlery told me he could get the plumbing parts for me in town. So, I waited. I kept checking, and finally he tried to deliver them on Thursday, but Karen and I were out running errands. When I got with him on Friday, it turns out he got the wrong parts! It’s a holiday weekend, and he again failed to contact me on Saturday like he promised. First thing Monday, if he doesn’t have the parts, I’m going to get them myself. We have this big new water heater tank sitting in our salon I want to get installed!

We have been getting various other boat cleaning tasks worked on this week, and have been researching our plans for later this year. Karen is working on the travel plans, and I’m focusing on the passage across the Indian Ocean and up the coast to Thailand. It’s starting to look increasingly like we have to get our boat work done sooner rather than later. So, I’ve amped up the efforts to plan boat projects. The sails have been ordered, and I’ve found one candidate for boat haul-out.

The Eye

My eye continues to heal well. It’s doing much better than I expected. The pain and swelling from the initial surgery went away quickly, and every day the eye feels and looks better. Not only that, but the vision is getting better too! I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement the last few days. Things are still blurry, but this is partly due to the contact they put in during the surgery to act as a bandage. I’m also squinting a lot less since the eye isn’t bothering me as much in the bright light.

On Tuesday I go back to the doctor and he said they would take the contact out. Hopefully I’ll see even better then! He did warn me I will likely need a prescription correction after the eye settles down. More news on the eye after the doctor appointment Tuesday.

On other medical notes, Karen continues to have physical therapy for her back and neck. She’s had some improvements, but also some setbacks. Apparently she felt good enough to try some cleaning which gave her neck and back more problems. So, she’s been laid up a few days.


After months of being reluctant to take and process photos (because of the eye), I’m finally feeling the itch to get back into it. I purchased the new Go Pro Hero 3 camera, and have already begun playing with it a bit. I hope to do some 360 experiments with it soon. Hopefully the other cameras will come out and I’ll get some photos of this marina we’ve been hanging out in before we leave. Sentosa Island is a pretty swank place. Even the smallest condos here cost a lot, and the houses are multi-megabucks.

Power Pack

I purchased a portable power pack a couple of months ago to improve my phone (and other devices) when going mobile. This was mostly due to the time I’ve been spending playing my outdoor game (Ingress – an invite-only beta game by Google). The game involves using your GPS to find virtual “portals” you can either mine for items, or attack if they are owned by members of the opposing team. Steve, formerly the owner of s/v Dignity (now sold), has been my biggest protégé in the game having already reached L8 – the highest level.

Anyway, my power pack has been very handy, but the connector for the cable to charge it broke inside. I’m going to try taking it to Sim Lim Square (the ultimate electronics mall in Singapore) to see if someone can fix it for me. Otherwise, I’ll buy a new one. This battery backup is way too handy. It has a standard USB out as well as a small retractable micro-USB out. I can literally charge just about any of our devices including phones, tablets, and even run the handheld GPS off of it. The one I have is 8000 mw which is nearly 4 phone batteries worth.

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