Moved to Singapore

MerlionSentosaOver the weekend we finally left Puteri Harbour in Malaysia and have moved Tahina to a new marina in the heart of Singapore. We are off the island of Sentosa – which is a resort island with a golf club, resorts, and a theme park like Disneyland (they even have a castle). They also have a huge (100 foot tall) merlion statue on a hill near one of the hotels and the park. The merlion is the symbol of Singapore.

Once we catch a bus (about every 30 minutes) from the marina to cross the island, we can get to Harbour Front – which is both a major shopping mall and a train station which gives us quick access to the rest of Singapore. Taxis are also available. In Puteri we had much less access to transportation and sights to see. Suddenly we have all kinds of things to do.

But, the real reason we moved to Singapore was to have the boat here while I recovery from my eye surgery – which is late this week. It will take two or more months for the initial recovery period, and I will have to visit the doctor a few times during this phase. But, the eye will take at least 6 months to recuperate well enough for us to actively sail.

Meanwhile, Karen is also having her back looked at by a specialist. She may also need surgery, so this is a good time for us to get that looked at as well. Her first appointment with the specialist is today.

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3 Responses to Moved to Singapore

  1. nanag says:

    Our prayers are with both you and Karen. Missing you both. Singapore was one of the places we would love to see. Take care of each other.

  2. George says:

    I spent time in Singapore in the late 80’s. Was always impressed by it’s “management”. Question re. the healthcare…do you notice any significant difference compared to the USA? Service, price, technology?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @George: The health care here is very high quality, the facilities are excellent, and there are plenty of top-notch doctors here. Costs are less on average I think, but vary depending on the service and facility. They prefer not work with foreign insurance companies (I sense particularly in the US). Can’t say I blame them.

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