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Panorama Stitching ProblemsBack in early 2010 we had fun times exploring the San Blas archipelago in Panama. Beautiful islands, fantastic beaches, great snorkeling, interesting culture, and lots of interesting sea life. We also had our friends David and Edel with us for our nearly 3 weeks there. Spent one morning on a remote island in West Holandes Cays taking a bunch of 360 panoramas. One of my all-time favorite 360s was taken right beneath a palm tree on a sandy and tree-stump-lined beach with calm seas and clear skies. This is a wild San Blas island in all its glory with great snorkeling just a short swim away, and Tahina out there in the anchorage. At the time I was still new to processing these panoramas, and the software I had did not give a lot of control over the stitching process. I had this problem with my favorite 360 that part of my legs and feet and my shadow appeared in the stitched panorama. At the time, I just couldn’t eliminate them from the panorama.

The good news is that PtGui Pro (the stitching software I often use) is now much better. So, yesterday I re-processed the original photos and eliminated the disembodied feet and shadow. I love how you can look up and see the coconut tree above, or look down at the sand on the beach. This really gives you a feel for being on a coconut tree-lined beach in San Blas!

SE beach, West Holandes Cay, San Blas, Panama in Panama

After clicking on the “Play” button, make sure you click on the “FULLSCREEN” button for a better view on this beautiful panorama. I’ve now spent 5-6 hours just processing this one panorama, so I hope you like it!

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  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    Frank – I love the 360s and the San Blas Islands are one of the places I want to visit. I have heard of its beauty. Thanks for the 360 picture as it really does allow one to feel like they are there. Glad you eye is improving rapidly though it still will be a long process. God bless!

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