Eye and Other Updates

There really has been much to say about the eye since the last update. Unfortunately, there has been no apparent further progress to the vision. The vision is still far better than it was before the surgery. And the eye doesn’t hurt or feel bad at all. But, I still can not focus clearly – and actually have a bit of double-vision in the recovering eye. I had assumed it would continue to improve after taking out the contact they had put in after the surgery. Much to my frustration, it just seems to be about the same each day – not improving. My next appointment with the doctor is the end of April. I’ll be asking him then about what is going on and why it is not improving.

New Sails

Our new sails are ready for shipment, but I’m trying to determine the best method – either by container on a ship, or by air shipment. Although it’s cheaper to go by ship, there are unknown costs in getting it out of the container and for storage once it arrives. By air the issue is that it costs nearly as much for the domestic flight from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Johor Bahru as it does to fly from South Africa to KL. I’m trying to find out if there is a lower cost option from KL.


Karen still has a weekly physical therapy session. And, she had another doctor appointment this week which then required another test today. So, we have been making daily trips to Singapore from here in Malaysia. It’s not a big deal in terms of cost, but it takes about two hours each way to take buses, trains and taxis between the two.

Boat Cleaning

Have not yet been able to hire a local to do boat cleaning. The guy I had identified two months ago isn’t returning calls. None of the other current boats seems to know of anyone. I had hoped to get someone to do a bunch of outdoor boat cleaning and waxing. But, until I do, I’ve started doing a bit of the cleaning myself in the cooler parts of the days.

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