Eye Update and Water Heater Plus Moves

Yesterday was my third follow-up visit for the eye after the surgery. I was told my vision should be much better and that they would be taking out the contact they put in as a “bandage” after the surgery. All during the last week, my vision had been getting better. Still unable to read anything with small letters, but the vision overall was clearer and I had less problems with bright lights and keeping the eye open. I had expectations it would be even better after the contact came out.

Turns out I was wrong. When I first arrived they did a vision test. I did far better than the first two visits, but still only half way through the charts compared to my left good eye. The doctor was impressed with the progress and the health of my eye. He took out the contact, but told me the vision will actually be a bit worse for a while after taking it out. He also put some pain reliever in the eye after taking out the contact. He was right. The vision was a bit blurrier and still hasn’t gotten back to where it was after 24 hours. So much for my hopes of sharper vision at this point. Based on what the doctor had said earlier, I guess it’s going to be a couple more months before the vision gets stabilized.

Water Heater Installed

Finally finished the water heater replacement project yesterday. It was mostly done on Monday night, but one of the fittings was leaking. Turns out I overturned a brass fitting in my attempts to stop a leak and cracked it. This morning I found a new replacement fitting from a reliable cartridge heater manufacturer and tried again. Again I had a very small leak, and after leaving things pressurized I realized there were some other leaks on other fittings. I spent a couple hours in the very hot and humid day tweaking the fittings, and putting on plumbers tape, until I got the leaking to stop. Well, all except one which was a fitting I never touched and had been leaking very slowly for a long time. In the process I think I ended up sweating several liters – which if you know me it is a true phenomena. I never sweat!

Last night I hooked up the boat engine circulation hoses, that are connected to the water heater, and started up the engine to test it’s ability to heat the water in the water heater tank. I had to prime the hoses a bit and re-fill the fresh water coolant tank. But, it all appears to be working now.

Marina Moves

Late in the day yesterday we got a call from the marina that they want us to move the boat today to another slip. It’s a bit of an improvement in terms of walking distance to the facilities. But, we lose the access to our boat neighbor’s bike I had been using for the last several days. Oh well…life in a marina.

We are leaving next week anyway to move the boat back to Malaysia. So this will be our last week of living in Singapore.

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