Getting Around Singapore

Transit Map SingaporeOne of the best things about Singapore is the extensive metropolitan transportation system. Trains are clean, safe, and abundant. You get a pass card that can easily be topped up and just slap it on the gate on your way going in and out. Buses are also available for places where the trains don’t go. You can use the pass for the buses, ferries, and even the monorail to Sentosa Island. And, taxis are available if you need to get somewhere fast, or to places inaccessible by other transportation means.

Because of our sightseeing, shopping, and doctor visits, we already have been to many places in Singapore. But, adding to that, I’ve been playing this GPS game by Google called Ingress which takes me to many more places. I’ve walked many, many kilometers around places that few tourists, and many locals rarely visit. All very nice places mind you, and Singapore doesn’t seem to have many places where you don’t feel perfectly safe day or night.

The other night, I was playing the game with some locals in India park north of the CBD (Central Business District). A young Asian couple walks up to me and asks for directions on the other side of CBD. I immediately gave them directions including landmarks along the way. One of the other local game players comes up and asks me in an amused tone: “Did they just ask you for directions? That’s ironic!” and laughed. But, she did point out that, because of my playing the game, I probably have a better sense of direction in the area than most. During the evening, this happened several times, even at the train station. I guess I’m losing that touristy look.

On Saturday morning, I’m participating in an event with several of the locals who play the game. This will be my last chance to hang out with these folk and see even more interesting places. Karen and I leave middle of next week to move the boat back to Malaysia.

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  1. Volker says:

    Hello Frank,

    …just in case you experienced an unexplainable traffic bump:
    My rss-links to the blog don’t work anymore.


  2. Georgia says:

    Before you leave, any chance posting pictures of your current area?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      @Georgia: I will be putting up a post showing photos of the marina and Sentosa Island where we have been staying. It will be a few days though.

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