Going to the Gym

The Clubhouse with GymAfter my surgery, I kept fit primarily by walking a lot while we were in Singapore. Keeping our boat in marinas here in the area has not given me much other opportunity to get stay fully fit. The upcoming work on our boat will be pretty physically demanding, so I decided to get some better exercise. The marina here in Malaysia has a van that will take people to a nearby gym. The cost is very reasonable (about $5 per visit, or you can get 30 visits for about $1 per visit), and the gym is located at a very nice clubhouse. It has an awesome pool, an air conditioned gym with very modern equipment, two restaurants, and you can have a massage there.

I started going to the gym as soon as we got back. I’m already feeling much more fit after only 3 weeks. My exercise hasn’t been confined to just the gym though. I started cleaning the boat a few days ago, and also waxing. The deck scrubbing and wax on/wax off is also giving me quite a work out – especially considering the outdoor temperatures around here. At least with the cleaning and waxing you get a very satisfying result to look at. And the wax has the advantage of reducing the amount of cleaning needed for the near term.

If those things weren’t keeping me busy enough, the preparations for our eventual boat haul-out have begun in earnest. I’ve been making calls and e-mails every day trying to get things organized. The hard part is not just identifying parts, but trying to find suppliers and convince them to ship in time for the parts to arrive at the right location. This is one of the less joyful parts of sailing, but is very necessary.

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