Last Photos at Sentosa Island

Sentosa MerlionWe stayed at the OneĀ° 15 Marina at Sentosa Island in Singapore for about 6 weeks. Sentosa is the resort “getaway” of Singapore with an amusement park, golf course, beaches, high-end hotels, condos and houses. Just across the causeway is a major shopping mall with a train station providing rapid transit to the rest of Singapore. Buses on the island provide free travel around the island and over to the mall and train station. You can also take a mono-rail to and from the island and a gondola.

The marina has a nice club house, pool, gym, chandlery, and other basic facilities. The price is higher than other marinas, and much higher than any of the marinas in nearby Malaysia. We found out as we were leaving that they recently upgraded the price for catamarans to 2X the regular price. But, they fortunately forgot to quote us this price! I told them that was ridiculous and that we wouldn’t be back with those prices. Here are photos of the marina (and other sights described below):

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We went to the Sentosa Resort several times. In part just to see the sights like the Sentosa Merlion, the fountains, and gardens. And, we also visited the restaurants – they had a Chilli’s there with the same recipes we are used to back in the states. Our only chance for Mexican-style food. I also played my outdoor game at the resort, so went there several times for that.

There are multi-million dollar homes on the island as well. It was interesting walking through the neighborhood and seeing the kinds of cars they had. One family had TWO lambroughinis – a black one and a white one. We also saw Ferraris, BMWs, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, etc.

As we departed Sentosa I took a photo and you can see the condos and the skyline of Singapore in the background. After the immigration boat came out and cleared us, we motored over to Malaysia. We saw the usual 5 or 6 Singapore border patrol boats along the way, and dodged dozens of ships both at anchor and on the move through the channel.

We enjoyed our time at the marina, and on Sentosa Island. It’s unlikely we’ll go back with our boat there, because of the prices, but we would recommend a visit to the island if you’re looking to escape the normal city environment in Singapore.

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  1. Georgia says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures, love to see your surroundings. The marina looks wonderful. Again, thanks…..and I enjoy your blog.

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