Where did the week go?

Dinner with LeuCat at OliveThere has been a higher level of activity since we got back to Malaysia from Singapore. Karen has continued physical therapy and some other doctor appointments and has made several trips by bus, taxi and train for day trips to Singapore. Meanwhile, I’ve started several boat projects and preparations for our forthcoming haulout (still not scheduled though). We also have been hanging out with some friends of ours who arrived a little over a week ago – s/v LeuCat (David and Mary Margaret).


When LeuCat first arrived, we went out to dinner that night at a new restaurant called Olive that just opened off the new Traders Hotel (which hasn’t opened yet). Olive is not an Italian restaurant, it’s an Indian restaurant. Since they just opened, they are trying extra hard to please. The wait staff is almost too eager, but friendly so it’s not too annoying. We have been very pleased too with the food, and have been there twice. LeuCat has even gone a third time they like it so much. Yesterday we went over to LeuCat to play cards. They are big card players and their favorite game is a variation called Hand and Foot. We’ve played with them before, and it was a fun 6 hour session yesterday. I was honored that David shared with me his last Bintang beer – one of our favorite beers which was available widely in Indonesia. David writes a blog about their journeys as well and writes even more often than me: LeuCat’s Blog.

Boat Projects

Have been working to coordinate the projects for the boat. This includes ordering boat parts and supplies and attempting to fix things so I know what else I might need. I attempted once again to fix our aft starboard head. Discovered a piece of plastic that holds the seals was cracked, which I’m sure was the cause of the leaking problem. So, I’m now attempting to secure that part. Our fuel gauges just stopped working (they were finicky up until now). We have this system called “Tank Tender” which uses little air tubes and air pressure to calculate tank levels. The problem is the probes into the tank are a different stainless steel and the different metal causes corrosion over time. I went to inspect the tanks, and both probes were so corroded the bolt broke off at the head when I just touched them. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t want to offer warranty replacement (I’m probably out of warranty anyway), so I have to order new ones. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to arrange the delivery of our sails, but the supplier hasn’t been answering E-mails. I’m not in a hurry on those though.

I can’t believe how dirty the boat gets here. They have construction going on all around us, so it shouldn’t be surprising. But, in the last two days, that I’ve been cleaning the boat, I’m amazed at the amount of dirt coming off! I’ve also started waxing the boat which will take me several weeks. All this manual labor has to be done either on a rainy day like yesterday, or in the early mornings/evenings. Otherwise its just too, too hot! I had hoped to hire a local (who are much more used to the temperatures) to help do the work, but no luck identifying a candidate so far. Too bad because they usually work for a very reasonable daily rate.

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