Admiral Marina and Stowaway

We had a much better run on our third day from Puteri towards Pangkor going up the Malacca Straights. No sumatras and only a little rain. We left our anchorage of the night at 3AM and I had a delightful motor sail for several hours in the early morning hours. There was a land breeze on our beam of about 6 knots, and with just the jib and one motor we were running along nicely. The pre-dawn air was much cooler and since it was a starboard reach I had cool air at our helm seat. There was almost no fisherman traffic before dawn, and so it made for very little stress.

We not only got to Palau Basar, but kept going and made it all the way to Admiral Marina at Port Dickson by 5 PM. We had gotten a reservation by E-mail on the way. The fuel dock was our first stop and we re-loaded the fuel we spent getting here. We then moved to our assigned slip and soon were checked in and had our A/C unit going. Although, the temperatures were pretty pleasant because of late afternoon showers before we got there. Karen and I took showers next and then walked to the nearby resort restaurant for some dinner.

Before we were done with dinner, I was ready to sleep. I had managed a 2 hour nap later in the day, but was still exhausted. Plus, we had decided we needed to leave at 5 AM for our next passage to Port Klang near Kuala Lumpur.


Earlier in the day, I was sitting at the helm when something shot out of the area above the console (behind our spray dodger). It looked like a lizard or gecko. It move quickly to our sliding glass door and inside the area it slides into. In other words, inside our boat. Maybe he’ll eat some flies or something. Anyway, it was interesting to find we had a stowaway!

We also had some critters try and catch a ride with us. Two bats came by around sunrise and flew through our shrouds and sails and one tried to land on several places. I got a picture of it on the mast for a moment, but they soon both left.

We hope to be in Pangkor by Monday morning. Our haul-out is planned for around noon.

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