Departing Now

We are finally leaving Puteri Harbour Marina after 6 months. We really like the marina, and it’s about to undergo a lot of improvements in terms of surroundings. A hotel is opening next week, new restaurants and shopping will open in the coming weeks as well. The ferry terminal just opened and customs/immigrations will now be a short walk away. The staff is very nice and the marina itself is well equipped, clean, and very pleasant. We would gladly come back again.

Today we will be sailing (well, motoring most likely) to an island just up the coast a way about 43 miles away. We’ll make short trips like this (about 7 hours) each day as we make our way to Pangkor about 250 miles away. We just need to be there by Monday for our haul out.

We should have some 3G connections along the way, so we can make reports if anything interesting happens along the way.

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